Disband the WHO - it's distorted beyond recognition from its original mission objectives. It's basically been bought by Gates - as the highest contributor, (= the strongest 'influencer') and has some bizarre theories. He states, "Vaccines are the best investment I ever made" and he believes the planet is vastly over-populated. Join the dots and realise why so many are dying POST Covid VAX!!

'Hate Speech' 'Conspiracy Theories' = 'TRUTH' for those with the ability to join dots.

'LIABILITY' for DEADLY injection makers will end this fiasco in weeks! Pfizer will become INSOLVENT from LITIGATION.

'F*^k PayPal' announcing $2500 fines before Adolf Schwab's authority!

Mick (UK) No 'Vax' = live longer!

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Judgement day. I was taking an elderly woman out for a stroll. We met a judge and the three of us exchanged some small-talk. She asked me what I was doing for a living and I answered I lost my job due to health issues and was now doing this voluntary work supporting some elderly people. She judged and complimented me for not being a useless eater. Then I received a letter from my physician. She judged me into the vulnerable category and submitted me for the jab.

Now what kind of eater am I?

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